Your Energy Identity

FOOD IS LIFE ENER(G)Y >> At its essence, food is simply water, macronutrients, and micronutrients with calories. The traditional dysfunctional diet rules in theory are simple, outdated, and old AF: stay in a calorie deficit, and you lose weight, go into a calorie surplus, and you gain weight. However, a calorie is not a calorie and each person’s unique BIOLO(G)Y can handle calories differently. One gram of protein has a different effect on your ENER(G)Y than one gram of carbs.

The traditional dysfunctional dieting approach generally works for some people, but can be limiting, miserable, and hormonally disastrous for others. Because all calories from ENER(G)Y are not the same. The old-school dysfunctional diet approaches are generally based on strict calorie counts and although it may work initially, it never lasts.

We need a flexible ENER(G)Y based approach that avoids the mentality that certain foods are “off-limits,” promotes inclusion of a variety of foods, and helps teach people functional nutrition principles. I want people like you to STOP getting caught in the endless negative cycle of dieting. I want you to ditch your diet, end your binge, and reinvent your relationship with food to an ENER(G)Y functional one. I want you to repair your metabolism, restore your gut health, and retrain your hormones to work together again in harmony, and I want you to smile damn it. The solution is something simple, maintainable, and food functional.

  • What is simple? ENER(G)Y.
  • What is maintainable? ENER(G)Y.
  • What is functional? ENER(G)Y.

When you really dissect the hundreds of hot mess theories, every good dietary approach is based on functional scientific principles. Sometimes those scientific principles are overshadowed by bullsh*t, misinformation, and marketing. Everyone can’t get the same results as the people you see in ads or on social media. Getting real results for real people no matter who you are, comes down to teaching you simple, maintainable, and functional strategies you can learn, easily remember, and consistently use in real life.

How you rethink, restructure, and reinvent your relationship with food is learn how adapt a new ENER(G)Y EATING approach. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to eating healthy. A food that makes me energized could make you sick. Everyone has a different ENER(G)Y metabolism. The number of calories and types of nutrients (both macronutrients and micronutrients) each person needs daily varies greatly and is based on your lifestyle, personal fitness, and well-being goals. John is going to need to eat more protein than Susie, and Susie may need more fat than John, especially if John is being annoying and watching reruns of “Entourage” all day long. No matter what their ENER(G)Y metabolism is, the one thing that is constant for everyone is ENER(G)Y BALANCE. It sounds like such a simple concept, doesn’t it? The first step to eating for your ENER(G)Y, is figuring out what your unique ENER(G)Y IDENTITY is.


You should be eating for our own personal ENER(G)Y IDENTITY. Once you know your ENER(G)Y IDENTITY, you’ll know exactly how much ENER(G)Y you need to function daily, to keep you balanced, and will stimulate you to promote overfat storage, instead of burning it. The first step to understanding how to functionally eat for your ENER(G)Y, is knowing HOW MUCH YOU SHOULD EAT to optimize your ENER(G)Y for the life, results, and optimal health that you seek, want, and deserve. Reinventing your relationship with food to an efficient, exciting, and energetic. Eating really should be as simple as that.

YOU HAVE A UNIQUE ENER(G)Y >> Like your hair, eyes, and skin, we all are beautiful, unique, and have a different ENER(G)Y metabolism. The ENER(G)Y needs of one person could be completely different from another, think Beyonce vs. Clint Eastwood. The ENER(G)Y that makes one person gain overfat, could make another person lose overfat, and vice versa. The key to healthy, effective, and long-term overfat loss, muscle gain, or optimal balance, is knowing, understanding, and applying your unique ENER(G)Y IDENTITY to your personal fitness goals, health, and life.

Once you know your ENER(G)Y IDENTITY, you’ll know exactly when you’re not eating enough, eating too much, or eating just right to maintain your current weight. You’ll also know when you are working out too much, not enough, and be able to be mindful of how your ENER(G)Y affects each workout. Mentally you’ll know exactly what you need to keep you focused, sharp, and motivated throughout your day, and you’ll understand what you need to do to when reverse feelings of fatigue, brain fog, and disconnect happen.

Think of your ENER(G)Y IDENTITY as your home base, personal ENER(G)Y blueprint, and the first part of your SYNER(G)Y action plan to get back on a healthy food, workout, and life track. Staying consistent within the lifelines of your ENER(G)Y IDENTITY will optimize your ENER(G)Y for virtually whatever you want to accomplish.

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