Godiva’s debut book Frozen, Not Broken will help you master your stress, get unstuck, and activate rapid self-healing.


Whether it be online, health, or life coaching, Godiva helps his clients gain the knowledge, motivation, and perspective they need to reach and exceed personalized physical, mental, and personal goals. 


Godiva has over 20 years of experience training a diverse group of people who are serious, motivated, and results oriented. He has created thousands of customized programs for his clients individualized needs.


Inspire, engage, and energize your team with a little Godiva! Godiva has tons of ways to help you, your team, and your company shine. Godiva will offer new ways to make optimal health a part of your workplace and will share practical tips for staying active, refreshed, and productive. 


Godiva will tell an engaging, dynamic, and genuine story of your brand. Let’s Godiva’s whirlwind of energy, infectious smile, and authentic demeanor tell the world why your brand is the best!


Let Godiva be a captivating host and promote your next fitness, health, and wellness event. As an experienced, trusted, and expert voice in the fitness industry and wellness world, Godiva will entertain and inspire guests to interact with and purchase new products and services.

Why work with Godiva?

Fun. Compassionate. Authentic. Relatable. Joyful. Mindful. Personable. Customizable.

Godiva is waiting to work with you!