Interval Mindfulness© – Your real-time anxiety and stress tool for a fast-paced, modern life.

Feeling overwhelmed by life's constant hustle? Transform stress into serenity with Interval Mindfulness©.

This isn't traditional mindfulness; it's a high-intensity interval training for your mind, offering a practical, effective way to navigate life's challenges.

Interval Mindfulness©:

An Active Path to Stillness and Calm

Interval Mindfulness©, a novel and patent-pending method, presents an active path to stillness and calm, uniquely addressing the challenges of traditional meditation practices. Suited for those with dynamic lifestyles or difficulty in maintaining stillness, it combines short 10 to 30-second intervals of mindfulness, breathwork, micro-movements, and relaxation techniques. This method actively engages participants, guiding them towards tranquility and mental clarity, making it ideal for busy individuals, those with ADD/ADHD, or anyone seeking a practical approach to mindfulness in their daily lives. Interval Mindfulness© effectively transforms stress into strength, offering a dynamic and accessible solution for integrating mindfulness into everyday routines.

From Life-Saving Crisis to Life-saving Innovation

My journey in creating Interval Mindfulness©, born from a life-altering stage 4 cancer diagnosis in 2014, transformed a moment of crisis into a life-saving innovation. Finding solace in a cycle of intense emotional release followed by calming intervals, I developed this method that balances emotional expression with relaxation. This practice not only helped me overcome my diagnosis but also fortified my resilience, one interval at a time. Drawing from my expertise as a fitness professional, what began as High-Intensity Interval Mindfulness™ evolved into a crucial part of my healing and personal growth, shaping the core of Interval Mindfulness©.

Remarkably, within 50 days, I reached complete remission, a profound testament to the effectiveness of this approach. Now known as Interval Mindfulness©, this method has grown beyond my personal battle to become a vital resource for anyone looking to foster resilience and find clarity in the midst of life’s storms. It stands as proof that within each of us lies the capacity to harness inner strength and peace, regardless of life’s challenges.

Benefits of Interval Mindfulness©

Interval Mindfulness was built on the premise that even brief intervals of mindfulness can lead to significant, positive changes in daily life. The method offers multifaceted benefits, notably enhancing mental clarity and fostering sharper focus for more effective decision-making. Its unique approach effectively reduces stress, lowers anxiety, and enhances emotional resilience. This leads to heightened productivity and a more efficient mindset, applicable in various aspects of life.

Interval Mindfulness© also advocates for holistic well-being. It encourages self-awareness and a comprehensive approach to health, transcending mere stress management. Practitioners experience elevated positive emotions, faster relaxation in stressful situations, and a deep sense of inner peace. The method’s flexibility allows for the creation of customized ‘Inner Workouts’, tailored to stimulate the vagus nerve and improve heart rate variability, contributing to overall heart health. Ultimately, Interval Mindfulness© is more than a technique; it’s a pathway to a balanced, productive, and enriched life.

Navigating Stress with Interval Mindfulness

Interval Mindfulness© stands out as a dynamic and engaging approach to stress management, diverging from traditional passive meditation techniques. This method recognizes the challenges of modern life, where stressors are constant and varied, requiring a more active and adaptable coping strategy.

Interval Mindfulness© facilitates a seamless transition from stress to relaxation, enabling individuals to shift between high-tension scenarios and moments of calm with ease. This ability to navigate stress effectively is not only beneficial for immediate relief but also strengthens mental agility and emotional resilience over time. By training the mind and body to swiftly move from states of stress to relaxation, Interval Mindfulness© empowers individuals to handle daily pressures with greater ease and confidence, fostering a more balanced and peaceful life.
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The Science of Stress Relief:

Bridging Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness

Interval Mindfulness© stands at the intersection of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, neuroscience, and psychophysiology, representing a fusion of these disciplines in its development. This innovative approach has a strong foundation in scientific research, echoing the principles and findings of various studies. Several trials have demonstrated that mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) and similar therapies are effective in reducing pain, improving physical function, mood, and sleep disturbances in people with chronic pain conditions, as highlighted in a study published in ‘Pain’ journal in 2022​​. These findings support the efficacy of mindfulness-based practices like those incorporated in Interval Mindfulness©.

The method’s emphasis on short intervals aligns with contemporary understandings of how the brain and body can be trained for relaxation and stress management. By merging these validated principles, Interval Mindfulness© offers a scientifically-backed, holistic approach to enhancing mental and physical health, providing a practical tool for modern life’s challenges.

Interval Mindfulness©:

Customized Well-being and Stress Reduction

Interval Mindfulness© is not just about managing stress; it’s about transforming you into an ‘Inner Athlete.’ This innovative method combines a series of 10 to 30-second intervals that you can mix and match to create personalized ‘Inner Workouts’ lasting 3 to 16 minutes. These workouts are designed for seamless integration into daily life, adaptable to individual needs and stress levels. As you engage in each short interval, blending mindfulness techniques, micro movements, and breathwork, you’re not only finding immediate relief from stress but also strengthening your inner muscles of self-awareness, self-determination, and self-action. Interval Mindfulness© empowers you to thrive amid life’s challenges, fostering a serene, mindful existence and shaping you into an ‘Inner Athlete,’ ready to tackle life’s hurdles with resilience and calm, one interval at a time.”


Interval Mindfulness© stands out for its ability to deliver real-time, noticeable relief from stress and anxiety. Utilizing a scale from 0 (no stress) to 10 (extreme stress/nervous breakdown), this method empowers participants to quantify their stress levels before and after each session, offering a tangible measure of its impact. This immediate feedback provides instant validation of the method’s effectiveness, encouraging continued practice. Experiencing quick relief reinforces positive coping mechanisms, fostering resilience. It also accelerates the adoption of new stress management habits, as the immediate benefits motivate consistent practice. Importantly, this measurable approach demystifies the process of stress reduction, aiding individuals in understanding and managing their emotional responses more effectively.

Revolutionize Corporate Wellness with Interval Mindfulness©:

A Game-Changer for Modern Workplaces

In today’s high-pressure corporate world, traditional mindfulness methods often miss the mark. Interval Mindfulness© offers a groundbreaking solution. Tailored for fast-paced environments, it provides impactful, brief sessions (3 to 16 minutes) suitable for individuals or teams. Whether it’s an ice-breaker, combatting the mid-day slump, or recharging at day’s end, Interval Mindfulness© seamlessly fits into the workday.



Interval Mindfulness transformed my life, especially during the pandemic. I went from a stress level of 7 to an unbelievable 0! Mario's guidance helped me find peace, self-awareness, and a profound sense of safety in my body.


As a high-stress professional, IM has been a game-changer. In just months, my average stress level dropped significantly. Mario’s method helped me find balance and clarity in my hectic life.


Interval Mindfulness with Mario has been a journey of self-discovery. It's incredible how these short intervals helped me manage anxiety and improve my overall well-being.


I never thought mindfulness could be so effective until I tried IM. It fits perfectly into my busy schedule, and I've noticed a drastic improvement in my focus and stress management.


Mario's Interval Mindfulness is a revelation. It has brought me a sense of calm I hadn't experienced before, significantly lowering my stress levels and enhancing my emotional resilience.


IM has been transformative in managing my work-related stress. Mario’s approach is unique and highly effective, leading me to a more balanced and peaceful state of mind.

Interval Mindfulness© – Your real-time anxiety and stress tool for a fast-paced, modern life.