Master Your Stress and Activate Rapid Self-healing

Do you want to ambush anxiety, get unstuck,
and rapidly self-heal now?

Innervals™ are powerful tools for stress mastery, mental clarity, and more energy; easily
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Radical Resilience

After being in septic shock and being given a week to live by his doctors, Mario Godiva went from stage four cancer to complete remission in fifty days.

In his debut book Frozen, Not Broken, Godiva asserts that his remission was not a miracle, but a result of hard work, micro mindfulness, and self-healing strategies that he continues to use and recommend to his health coaching clients to this day. 


Do you experience unchecked stress, anxiety, or overwhelming adversity? Are you drowning in negative patterns, wanting to change, but are uncertain how to surface for air? Are you experiencing one health issue after another? Or do you simply want to up your wellness game and be the best version of yourself? Then this book is a must-read for you.


More energy

An immediate and regular practice of Interval Mindfulness™ will enhance your energy.

Master Your Stress

A immediate and regular practice of Interval Mindfulness™ will lower your anxiety, stress, and negativity. 

Personal Growth

An immediate and regular practice of Interval Mindfulness™ will increase self-awareness, self-care, and self-love allowing you to easily evolve into a better person.

Increases Inner Focus

A regular and immediate practice of Interval Mindfulness™ will help to increase your creativity, concentration, and focus as well as your productivity and efficiency.

Healthier Heart

An immediate and regular practice of Interval Mindfulness™ will stimulates the vagus nerve for deep relaxation and improve Heart Rate Variability (HRV) for a healthier heart.


An immediate and regular practice of Interval Mindfulness™ will increase feelings of inner peace, calm, and gratitude as well as boost positive emotions elevating your mood.



To help you get unstuck, Godiva debuts and details his own theory of Interval Mindfulness™, an interval-based approach to relaxation, meditation, and stress-relief for people who have a hard time calming their mind. 

Synthesizing the best parts of mindfulness, interval training methodology, breathwork, polyvagal theory, and more, Interval Mindfulness™ is a simple, neutral, and easy to implement practice for everyone.


Godiva’s story does not come from a place of ultimate privilege. Instead, his narrative arises from a deeply traumatic childhood, a damaging cycle of mistreatment as an up-and-coming fitness guru, and the marginalization of being a Black man in America. 

In addition to battling cancer, Godiva fights through America’s incessant hustle and suffer culture, enduring over 20 medical errors, and the added challenge of racism in the medical-industrial complex.

You are Frozen, not Broken

In the end, the message is a hopeful one: you are frozen, not broken, and this book will provide
you with the first steps to thawing out, shedding your icy skin, and healing for the long term.