Energy Eating For Stubborn Fat Loss

Your BIOLO(G)Y has the power to heal itself.

The root to almost every preventable chronic disease, is a breakdown in your BIOLO(G)Y ENER(G)Y. The ENER(G)Y of your BIOLO(G)Y is the driving force for every single thing that happens in your body, period. Optimizing your ENER(G)Y, preventing ENER(G)Y dysfunction, and taking in the nutrients and precursors that your ENER(G)Y needs, is critical to optimal health, disease treatment and prevention, and overcoming your overfat.

Your ENER(G)Y is helped by certain nutrients of food, and harmed by others.

Increasing your ENER(G)Y flexibility is key.


Despite everything I learned and preached before I became very sick, I was doing everything extreme and out of context. Forced deprivation, labeling foods as “good” or “bad”, and beating myself up over food choices when they were what I (or society) perceived as “bad”. Why does food have a morality association anyway? Who started that whole thing? Why is food labeled either good or bad? Isn’t food just food? Better yet, isn’t food technically fuel? Am I now a criminal because I pigged out on Ben and Jerry’s and had 3 pieces of bodega pizza while drunk last night? Am I now a saint because I ate a salad and I frequent whole foods? These were the types of questions that I would have in my head as I was learning about food, exercise, and overall health.

What I went went through brought me to a bigger food ENER(G)Y AHA moment. We need to rethink our approach to health, food, and fitness. How we view food, needs to evolve. How we eat food, needs to evolve. Our dysfunctional and disconnected relationship with food, needs to evolve. We are dysfunctional and disconnected because we have blindly followed the mainstream misinformation of what people, companies, and brands “think” we need to do to be healthy. Or more importantly what they want us to buy to “think” we are being healthy and putting what’s best in our body.

We have been taught, trained, and told to ignore, one of the basic fundamentals of why we even eat food in the first place. We eat food for ENER(G)Y, and that ENER(G)Y in turn keeps us alive and moving. Real food provides real ENER(G)Y and fake food provides fake ENER(G)Y. Real ENER(G)Y is clean, long-lasting, and efficient. Fake ENER(G)Y is unreliable, short, and void of nutrients. Food isn’t good or bad, food is ENER(G)Y. Real ENER(G)Y or fake ENER(G)Y, there is no neutral exchange. It unfortunately took me years and a near death experience to reach this level of evolution on food. It sounds so simple right? If it’s so simple, how come it’s so hard to eat healthy, clean, and efficient ENER(G)Y then?




Food is ENER(G)Y, we are ENER(G)Y, and everyone has a different ENER(G)Y metabolism, a unique ENER(G)Y Identity. We eat food for ENER(G)Y. How much, what, and when we eat, all directly affects our ENER(G)Y. Once we understand what we need for optimal ENER(G)Y balance, then we can work with our body and ENER(G)Y to reach our personal fitness goals in a healthy, effective, and maintainable way. We discover what we need for optimal ENER(G)Y balance by understanding our ENER(G)Y IDENTITY.


Diets, modern living, and unhealthy lifestyles have made us develop these “binge and purge” mentalities, make us plateau when we workout every day, and leave us sick, tired, and in foul moods. Eat everything you want, drink whatever you want, be lazy, then go on a week-long juice cleanse or detox purge. I want to lead a resistance to the mainstream approach to dieting, fitness, and being healthy. I’m breaking from the pack. I don’t want people to “think” they are eating healthy, I want them to actually eat healthy. I want to teach them how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat to optimize their ENER(G)Y for the life, results, and health that they seek, want, and deserve.

I don’t want people to get caught in an endless negative cycle of dieting, I want them to ditch their diets, end their binge, and reinvent their relationship with food. I want them to repair their metabolisms, become functional again, and have their hormones work together again in harmony. Optimal, healthy, and happy living is only an energy balance away.

Once you holistically, naturally, and gently reset your energy, hormones, and mindset, you’ll easily, effectively, and effortlessly achieve your personal fitness goals, and get the results that they seek, want, and deserve.

This first week is really about adapting and learning. Don’t stress too much about being perfect or hitting every target perfectly. You are acclimating and creating new, positive, and healthier habits.


GFEED™ is a healthy, quick, and effective way to transform your body, mind, and life. Using a nutrition-based, holistic, and “Eat For Your Energy” approach, GFEED™ will teach you how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat, for optimal rapid fat loss, muscle gain, or balance. By focusing on the best food, timing, and amount for your personal energy metabolism, GFEED™ will completely reset your energy, cravings, and negative habits around food. You’ll never feel starved, deprived, or guilty for eating the foods you love, as GFEED™ reinvents your relationship with food.


GFEED uses a 60-20-20 eating pattern.


60% of the time you should be eating clean energy. Whole, satiating, and authentically healthy foods. These are the foods that promote optimal fitness, health, and well-being.


20% you should be eating super foods that help repair, restore, and detox your body. Probiotics, fermented foods, tumeric, etc. These are the foods that help reverse the damage of stress and our modern fast-paced world.


There can’t be clean without dirty or light without dark. These are the foods that are processed, have carbs, sugar, and other dirty things. You limit these to 20% of your calorie intake daily to help keep cravings at bay.



THE 14 DAY ENER(G)Y RESET approach is not a diet or focused on following a strict diet template. It’s an EAT FOR YOUR ENER(G)Y approach that is more focused on a person’s energy balance, lifestyle parameters, and individuality. A food choice that makes one person feel good could make another person feel sick. This program is all about finding out what food choices work best for you based on your lifestyle. The foods that help enhance, restore, or reoptimize your energy. What foods do you like? What motivates you? What do you crave?

Another goal of THE 14 DAY ENER(G)Y RESET is to take all of your dysfunctional nutrition tendencies, and compliment them with new functional strategies that integrate easily into your life. Food is fuel, and fuel is energy. You will learn how to eat efficiently for your ever-changing energy needs. THE 14 DAY ENER(G)Y RESET will teach you strategies that you practice until they become habits, long lasting, and stay with you for life. Even if you get off track, you will always have a functional home base that you can come back to that will keep you on track.

You’ll break out of the endless vicious cycle of weight gain, stress, and extreme yo-yo dieting. You will flux a majority of good gut bacteria that will help keep you lean, happy, and absorbing all the energy from your food while flushing all the gut garbage that makes tired, dysfunctional, and overfat.



ENER(G)Y EFFICIENT FOCUS FOODS are #1 in your quest for dropping overfat, looking good naked, preventing disease, and improving your overall health and wellness. If you do nothing else, this step alone will still take you 90% of the way in achieving your goals automatically, without all of the over-complication, confusion, and misinformation in the health and fitness industry.



Choosing the right food structure, meal frequency, and types of food that work FOR YOU is about making your plan as realistic, use-able, and sustainable as possible. Any good plan considers your lifestyle, career demands, and goals. Anything can work in the short-term when motivation is high, however, the (G)FEED program is designed to work as a long-term lifestyle strategy.

Most approaches are impractical and based more on fitness tradition than scientific need. Who wants to eat six small meals, starve at night, etc. if they don’t have to?

There is no “One Right Way”. The best structure is simply the one that allows you to stick with your plan as consistently as possible. The GFEED™ method gives you some flexibility and allows you a “back-up plan” (GPASS) when life happens or the hunger gets overwhelming while you are on your GBREAK.



Today’s food systems are designed to be fast and convenient. As a result, the nutrient quality is not only poor, it can be downright dangerous for your health. It’s vital to raise your level of awareness of what you put into your body. Whole and unprocessed foods should always take priority over processed or liquid foods, unless you absolutely have to compromise.

If you are tight on time having a protein shake or a meal replacement bar is ok, but solid and more satiating foods should be consumed whenever you can cook. High protein, moderate to high (brown) carbs, and low fat. Eat CLEAN. Non-gmo, no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no hormones, all natural, or organic. Here are some other GFEED guidelines to adhere to.



• Eat low calorie, nutrient dense, real, natural, high-satiety foods.

• Eat wild, hormone/antibiotic free, unprocessed, natural animal proteins (meat, chicken, etc). They provide you with essential amino acids (for tissue maintenance – including lean muscle mass), essential fatty acids (for normal cellular and hormone production), vitamins and minerals (like B -vitamins, zinc, iron, etc.), and “good fats” (50% of the fat in beef is monounsaturated).

• Eat a variety of plant foods (fruits and vegetables). They provide you with fiber, different vitamins and minerals (A, C, calcium, potassium, etc.), natural antioxidants, and disease fighting phytonutrients.

• Avoid corn, soy products and all types of processed fructose, especially high fructose corn syrup.

• Buy organic produce and fruit whenever possible.



• Concentrated sources of fructose – high fructose corn syrup and table sugar, packaged and processed foods. Excessive fructose consumption is linked to obesity, insulin resistance, type Il diabetes, and elevated triglycerides.

• Trans-fats/hydrogenated oils – mostly found in packaged and processed foods. Trans fats raise total cholesterol, raise bad cholesterol (LDL), lower good cholesterol (HDL), and  elevate blood triglycerides. Eating them is linked to our most common and serious health problems: obesity, diabetes, and a host of other risk factors for common killers  such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, and yes, even premature death. They also increase “belly fat” and induce abdominal obesity.

• High Omega-6 oils – found in refined vegetable oils. These oils disrupt optimum essential fatty acid balance (your Omega-6: Omega-3 ratio determines if you have lots of pain and   inflammation or not), decrease insulin sensitivity and glucose disposal, increase risk of cardiovascular disease and certain forms of cancer, aggravate inflammatory and autoimmune disease, and promote whole body inflammation.

• Gluten – found in wheat, rye, barley, and as a stabilizer in many processed foods. Gluten intolerance is the root cause of celiac disease, but gluten sensitivity or allergy can play a role in Chron’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and other digestive disorders. A sensitivity to gluten, which often goes undiagnosed, can lead to chronic fatigue or lethargy, impaired immune system functioning, cortisol elevation, water retention and bloating, abdominal fat deposition, stubborn fat, “that last layer or 10 pounds,” ab pain or discomfort, headaches, and even nervous system and mood problems.

• Dairy – things like milk, yogurt, and cheese. A dairy allergy can lead to mucous production, histamine production, GI distress (constipation and/or da nasty farts), cortisol elevation and stubborn fat/water retention. Milk is high on the insulin index and has been linked to diabetes and acne. It’s also a highly acidic food (especially certain cheeses), which can lead  to mineral imbalance. Finally, milk is a hormonal nutrient delivery system (estrogen, IGF-1, prolactin) of OTHER species…cheese may lead to cheesy ass, moobs, etc.

• Store bought fruits and vegetables are now loaded with pesticides, herbicides, and even genetically modified organisms (GMOs). These residual chemicals block the absorption of vitamins and minerals and have been links to several diseases including cancer.

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