Dysfunctional Diets Distract Your From Your Goals

DYSFUNCTIONAL DIETS >> What happened to me has probably also happened to you. And if it hasn’t, let’s be real, it f*cking will. And despite what you may think, it’s not entirely your fault. The world of dysfunctional “dieting” can be quite confusing today with over a hundred dietary theories. There are tons of extreme, fad, and crash dysfunctional diets out there, and while each one may have a functional principle root, the simple, functional, and legitimate root is buried in a ton of bullsh*t, confusion, and marketing.

They also are high-risk to be temporary, damaging, and lead you to develop a very dysfunctional relationship with food. A dysfunction that rattles you to the core, slows down your metabolism, and stops you later down the road from getting the fitness results you seek, want, and deserve. It could take up to a year to restore your metabolism from the catastrophic consequences of dysfunctional diets.

Dysfunctional diets promote and teach people to operate at extremes. Binging and then purging, or purging and then binging. Strict dysfunctional diets that make big promises to make us feel, look, and exude good, only to lead us to binge eating, frustration, and rebound overfat gain weeks later. It’s a vicious never-ending cycle that people have become all too complacent with. The reality is that dysfunctional dieting makes you overfat, gets you sick, and hormonally unbalanced, which sets you up to just gain even more overfat.

All dysfunctional diets aren’t designed to work long term and leave you physically, mentally, and emotionally drained. Most of them follow uninformed plans, have fake dysfunctional diet foods, and make you starve yourself. The results are misleading as you retain mostly water weight instead of overfat, and never last long term. Even though extreme yo-yo dieting sounds like an awesome event at the Summer Olympics, trust me it’s not!

Dysfunctional dieting also leads to hunger pains, nutrient deficiency that causes the weight to come back, and a never-ending cycle of extreme yo-yo dieting. Dysfunctional diets also don’t factor in how your insulin, carbs, and overfat storage affect one another. Cutting calories drops your blood sugar, makes you hungry, and makes you want to binge on carbs. The carb binge triggers your hormone insulin, insulin triggers hunger, and this domino effect promotes overfat storage instead of overfat burning.

DYSFUNCTIONAL DIETS ARE DAMAGING >> There are two main dysfunctional dieter “squads” that are out there today because of the most extreme, crash, and fat loss flawed diets.

The Ridiculous Restriction Squad. These are the people who start a new diet or program, and at first, they are losing weight, feeling good, and looking good. Then suddenly, the plateau or rebound overfat hits, and the struggle gets REAL. What do they do in the face of the struggle? They restrict, restrict, and restrict more. A trinity of restriction. Imagine if the fashion police never let you wear clothes. This never ends well and is basically anorexia.

The Extreme Eating Yo-Yo Squad. These are the people who start a new diet or program, and at first, they are losing weight, feeling good, and looking good. They work hard to maintain their results, and then play hard on the weekends. As time goes on it gets harder and harder to work hard to maintain their results. Then two months later, BAM, they yo-yo back to their normal weight or in most cases get even fatter. Awkwaarrrrrd.

Most people who go on a diet are the extreme yo-yo squad. They are normally overweight and can only seem to get temporary fat loss. When you start down the path of chronic deprivation of carbs, calories, and whole food groups, you lock yourself into this vicious never-ending cycle.

  1. You start a dysfunctional diet
  2. You restrict, deprive, and starve yourself per the trendy dysfunctional diet
  3. You start to see the scale go down and this gets you all excited and motivated, but some of that weight loss is muscle
  4. Your body has started a starvation response, and in turn slows your metabolism, promotes overfat storage, and starts eating your muscle for ENER(G)Y
  5. You start to have low ENER(G)Y, get moody, digestive issues, sleep problems, skin problems, and anxiety
  6. Your weight loss stops, but you are still being super restrictive
  7. You are like “F*ck This Diet” and fall off the wagon
  8. You go to the nearest buffet and eat like it’s the apocalypse.
  9. You get overfat again. Awkward.

Repeat Step 1 – 9, eat all the apocalypses.

This is the vicious dieting cycle and why dysfunctional diets will never work. Ever. They are designed to be temporary.

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