BIAS IS THE NEW RACISM: A Token Black Man's Struggle in an Elitist, Exclusionary, and Performative Healthclub Industry

A Courageous Memoir That Ignites Change, Inspires Inclusivity, and Unveils the Hidden Truths of the Health Club Industry


In the thought-provoking memoir, “BIAS IS THE NEW RACISM,” Mario Godiva bares his soul and shares the profound challenges he faced as a Black man within the health club industry. With unfiltered candor, he unveils the insidious biases, elitism, and performative gestures that pervade the industry, perpetuating inequality and exclusion.

Godiva courageously unveils the hidden truths and discriminatory practices that permeate the elitist and performative health club industry. As a Black mam navigating through a predominantly white industry, Godiva shares his personal experiences, shedding light on the systemic biases and exclusionary tactics that continue to marginalize individuals of color.

With raw honesty and unwavering determination, Godiva takes readers on a journey through his career, from the exhilarating highs of media recognition to the devastating lows of facing racism and discrimination in the very spaces that promote health and inclusivity.

Through his insightful narrative, Mario exposes the subtle forms of racism that have replaced overt acts, illustrating how biases hide beneath the surface, perpetuating inequality and stifling progress. He coins the term “Quietly Racist” to describe those in positions of power who harbor ill feelings towards marginalized communities while maintaining a facade of inclusivity.


A Journey Through Challenges

Discover the courageous journey of Mario Godiva, a Black man navigating through a predominantly white industry. Through raw honesty and unwavering determination, he shares his personal experiences, shedding light on the systemic biases and exclusionary tactics that continue to marginalize individuals of color. From the exhilarating highs of media recognition to the devastating lows of facing racism and discrimination, Mario's story will captivate your heart and mind.

The Subtle Forms of Racism

Delve into the depths of discrimination as Mario introduces the powerful concept of "Quietly racist." Explore the dynamics of power and privilege, as he fearlessly confronts those in positions of authority who secretly harbor ill feelings towards marginalized communities. This eye-opening exploration will challenge your understanding of prejudice and encourage introspection.

Empowering Change

Experience the power of personal empowerment as Mario inspires readers to join him in the fight against discrimination. Through open dialogue, empathy, and a commitment to creating a more equitable world, he guides us towards a future where inclusion and fairness prevail. This is your opportunity to make a difference and contribute to a society free from the shackles of racism.


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Prepare to be moved as “BIAS IS THE NEW RACISM” becomes a rallying cry for accountability and transformation within the health club industry. Mario’s powerful story serves as a wake-up call to industry insiders and readers from all walks of life, urging them to confront their own biases and actively work towards dismantling the systemic barriers that hinder true inclusivity.


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Chapters we've covered

Chapter 01

Systemic Racism is Pervasive

Godiva believes that systemic racism exists within corporations and is reflected in policies, practices, and cultures that favor white people over marginalized groups. This can lead to disparities in hiring, promotion, compensation, and benefits between different racial or ethnic groups.

Chapter 02

Discrimination has Evolved to Be Covert

Godiva believes that subtle forms of employee discrimination can be just as harmful as overt discrimination but are often more difficult to identify. He thinks that corporations often protect their own and tolerate managers who discriminate against employees in protected categories.

In his more than 20 years of experience in the fitness industry, he has personally experienced discrimination several times, but has seen those responsible get away without any accountability.

Chapter 03

HR is Not Your Friend

Godiva has learned that when he puts his faith in HR departments, their biased investigations often yield superficial results.

They seldom substantiate claims of discrimination and instead try to justify what happened. They tend to gaslight accusers and are not their friends when it comes to discrimination. Their primary role is to manage and protect the company’s assets, not the accusers.

As a result, Godiva has become highly attuned to subtle forms of discrimination, such as microaggressions, unequal access to opportunities, unequal pay, and deprioritization.


Learn about the book writer

Mario Godiva

Mario Godiva is a globally renowned fitness expert, celebrity trainer, and holistic health coach who harbors a profound passion for mind, body, and personal transformation. With over 20 years of experience, Godiva has garnered recognition as an expert and has been featured in more than 50 TV appearances and media interviews, including The New York Times, ABC Nightline, and CNN, among others.

Having collaborated with a diverse range of celebrities, entrepreneurs, executives, and individuals dedicated to embracing radical change, Godiva has established an impressive track record. His achievements include being hailed as “One of NY’s Hottest Workouts” by the NY Post, receiving the distinction of “Best Workout for Legs” by Timeout Magazine NY, and earning the accolade of “Chicago’s Best Workout” by the Chicago Tribune. For further information about Godiva and his exceptional work, please visit


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