GCARB CYCLE™. 14 Day VIP Private Online Program.

Discipline during the week, off on the weekends.™





GCARB CYCLE™. 14 Day VIP Private Online Program.

GCARB CYCLE™. 14 Day VIP Private Online Program.


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Product Description

GCARB CYCLE™ is a healthy, safe, and effective carb cycling approach to eating that allows you to get rapid fat loss while taking the weekends off. Your weeks are structured to put you in a calorie deficit, and your weekends are full of delight to balance that deficit out.

This program is great for weekend warriors who want to work hard during the week on their diet and play hard on the weekends, while still getting great results.


  1. After an GCONSULT to assess your lifestyle habits, behavior, and personal fitness goals, Godiva will help you create a plan of attack for reaching your goals
  2. You’ll receive personalized GMACROS (macronutrient breakdown) that will show you how much you should be eating based on your personal fitness goals
  3. You’ll be held accountable daily for 14 days to make sure you exceed your goals; You must send Godiva daily food and workout logs consecutively for 14 days
  4. You’ll have 24/7 unlimited personal support via email/text/phone from Godiva
  5. You’ll get help to bust through any plateaus, get fast results that will keep you motivated, and be able to easily apply everything to your life long term
  6. You’ll get a nutrition guide, parameters, and coaching support
  7. You’ll get 2 GFREE (aka OFF or CHEAT DAYS) every weekend and still get amazing results
  8. You’ll get 14 days of fun, informative, and inspirational emails from Godiva with a different GCARB CYCLE™ focus daily

You’ll learn what works, see it before your own eyes, and have measurable results in no time.

GCARB CYCLE™ easily implements into your daily lifestyle and will fill any fitness/nutrition gaps you are missing.

Purchase GCARB CYCLE™ now to start your transformation today!



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