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Mario Godiva ABC News
Mario Godiva  
Mario Godiva is a World-Renowned Fitness Expert, Celebrity Trainer, & CEO of PLYO AIR GLIDES™ with 13+ years of experience in the fitness industry. Godiva has been tapped as an expert and featured in 125+ TV/Media interviews such as CNN, ABC Nightline, & the New York Times generating over 200 million global media impressions. Godiva pioneered rebound shoe workouts in the US, Russia, & Turkey by developing Plyo Dance™ & Plyo Athlete™ fitness programs & creating the Air Gliding™ concept.
Air Gliding™ is low-impact, euphoric, & "air focused" whole body movement. Expect to incinerate fat as you build muscular strength & endurance, increase cardiovascular power & endurance (VO2 Max), as well as significantly improve your balance, coordination, agility, & flexibility. With the perspective of the air utilizing DIRECT GRAVITY RESISTANCE™, you'll run, jump, & move receiving all the benefits of plyometrics & rebounding while torching up to 50% more calories, & reducing most of the shock to your knees, joints, hips, and back.

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