High-Intensity Interval Mindfulness™



In 2014 while living in NYC, I went from stage four rare cancer to complete remission (cured) in 50 days, and it wasn’t a miracle. There were many things I did to accelerate my healing, but the overall intention was to train, strengthen, and get my nerve signals back online.

Once I was able to reset, reverse, and remove the stress, anxiety, and fear of my challenge, it paved the way for my body to expeditiously heal. You shouldn’t have to wait until you get a chronic disease to start focusing on the build-up of your stress, anxiety, and negative emotions, that’s why I created HIIM™, revolutionary interval training for your nerves.


high intensity interval mindfulness, HIIM

Technology has advanced at an exponential pace, and the onslaught of information makes us seem busier, crazier, and more distracted than any generation before.

From the moment we wake up until we try to fall asleep, it is full on stress, triggering, and reactivity due to constant overloads of stimulation in today’s busy, stressful, and modern world.


Your mind churns thoughts non-stop from 60,000 to 80,000 a day, or on average 41 to 55 thoughts a minute. A release of dopamine, your bossy brain’s most powerful pleasure chemical, is fueled by  all those new, original, and (sometimes) genius-level ideas.

Unfortunately, most thoughts are repetitive, negative, and unjustifiably critical by default. Many negative and damaging thoughts are preventing new, original, and creative ideas from coming into your awareness, making you feel stuck, frustrated, and anxious in certain areas of your life. You feel like you’re revving your engine in a traffic jam.


As a result of that and more, depression, anxiety, and stress are at epidemic levels and fueling autoimmune challenges, gut issues, fatigue, concentration woes, and other chronic diseases that rob people of their resilience, joy, and optimal well-being.

Many of these challenges can be remedied if they knew how to strengthen their nerves, build resilience, and train their nerves to relax faster after stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.


high intensity interval mindfulness, HIIM

But what about mindfulness and meditation? Over 2,000 scientific studies have shown that mindfulness and meditation can improve your mood, health, and happiness leading to a better life, but most people find them hard, frustrating, and time-consuming.

It’s difficult to find the time to sit still, keep your mind from wandering, and it can take months (or even years) to master. Who TF has “years” to master something to be able to quickly shift into inner peace? Not me. And probably not you either.


We all know that we “should” be practicing mindfulness and meditating, but if you have a hard time calming your mind and sitting still like me, you avoid it. The people who have practiced for years can do it, and that’s great.

However, even hearing the words “meditation” or “mindfulness” shuts down the people who need to be doing it the most. If you’re reading this far…Wow I’m impressed! Don’t stop now!

It’s 2019. You’re right to think there must be a better way of delivering the benefits of these ancient, proven techniques in an efficient and modern way. That’s why I created HIIM™, which is revolutionary interval training for your nerves.


high intensity interval mindfulness

HIGH-INTENSITY INTERVAL MINDFULNESS™ is a form of inner entrainment that triggers states of relaxation, calm, and inner peace. It’s quick, easy, non-religious, and instantly gratifying. Time is probably a massive challenge for you, and HIIM™ maximizes it with 20- or 30- minute experiences.

Short intervals of brain activation, micro movements, and vagus nerve stimulation are used to strengthen your nerves, trigger your relaxation response, and train you to RELAX FASTER™ after experiencing stress, anxiety, and negative emotions.


HIIM™ is not a religious, philosophical, or spiritual experience. It’s user-friendly, requires no skill, and attractive to people of all ages, religions, cultures, and walks of life.

Relaxation, calm, and inner peace can be reached on demand (like Netflix and Hulu), taking a break from your busy life, hectic schedule, and never-ending demands.


Your nerves are the sole reason your mind-body connection exists. While other methods focus primarily on your mind, we take an active, high-intensity approach that strengthens your nervous system, builds resilience, and increases your neuro flexibility, which is how fast you can shift to a calm state from a fight-or-flight, excited, or a hyper-arousal state.


HIIM™ is a disruptive, non-traditional, and true game changer for anyone that wants to give a relaxation, mindfulness, and stress relief practice a try, but is skeptical, likes efficiency, and has an active mind.


Mindfulness is a skill, strength, and flexibility and different ways of training will have different effects. Just like when you exercise or go to the gym, we can all get stronger, more skilled, and flexible by employing different training techniques.

HIIM™ applies scientifically-supported principles from interval training to your nerves to trigger relaxation, easy mindfulness, and enhanced stress reduction compared to traditional methods that are a single sustained period.


Modern life has a way of making us feel time-crunched, pressured, and desperate to find the most efficient ways of using each precious hour of the day when we’re not sleeping. HIIM™ epitomizes this feeling by using short time intervals that are concise, efficient, and effective.

HIIM™ productively keeps your mind active in a strategic, synergistic, and scientific way until you naturally, reflexively, and easily shift inward to catch your breath, basking in calm, peace, and quietude; the warm space of your inner perspective.

Like all things, your mind needs to be trained, and having on average 41 to 55 thoughts a minute, things can get crazy, uncomfortable, and confusing if you don’t have a strong, stable, and developed mind that’s capable of performing optimally in any external environment.

Your mind is the way it is because of training or lack of training. Just like you can train your body and muscles to be physically fit, you can also train your mind to be focus fit.

HIIM™ takes on mindfulness in a non-traditional way by doing a specific set of exercises to train your mind to sustain your attention in the present moment. And although your mind benefits from HIIM™, we focus on your nerves, because without your nerves, your mind-body connection wouldn’t exist.


  • Deep relaxation from triggered response
  • An active mind that’s distracted into eventually being quiet
  • A sense of calm and clarity
  • Improved focus and concentration
  • Stress relief
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Deeper and more restorative sleep
  • Faster athletic recovery
  • More efficient breathing
  • Pain reduction
  • Greater body awareness (more on this later)

The HIIM™ experience is currently being offered privately one-on-one, in small group sessions, corporately in meeting rooms, as a special event series at Equinox, and at various other pop up events.

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