[quoteBox author_name=”Theresa V” author_title=”New York, NY” avatar=”http://mariogodiva.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/photo-e1482937378876.jpg” text_color=”#182433″ name_color=”#182433″] I reached a point in my 30s, where I wasn’t getting any healthier—every year I was gaining weight, feeling sluggish, and worsening my acid reflux. Working with Mario changed my life. He reminded me that I was a winner: that I am strong, capable or working out hard and eating right. He was never authoritative, mean or negative, as you would picture a fitness coach. He was peaceful, positive and could articulate very intelligently what foods, exercises and GFASTs were doing to my body and how I would be able to transform my body and lose stubborn fat. In a nutshell, I feel more energetic than ever, I’ve been getting compliments from all my friends and colleagues on my appearance, and my reflux symptoms have improved tremendously. Mario’s program is not just fitness—he is science, health and mind/body motivation. He doesn’t force you to eat what you don’t like, eat too little, do specific exercises only. He adapts to your lifestyle and helps you change your life for the better. 100% Recommend! [/quoteBox]

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I’m no stranger to the gym and working out, but I hadn’t been getting the results I wanted. I knew I had to shake up my routine somehow, but dieting was never appealing to me so when I learned that I could still eat what I want and as much as I want on GFast I was obviously sold. I just wasn’t expecting how fast and amazing my transformation would be. Within the first month I had lost 8 stubborn lbs to reach below my goal weight, and noticeably toned and defined my physique. By the second month I had maintained my weight whilst strengthening my muscles to up my endurance and perfect my yoga inversions.  At the end of the third month, I hit my peak physical condition with a BMI of about 13% – almost essential body fat! I also noticed an increase in energy and decrease in appetite, cravings, and fatigue. Simply put, GFast works, and without a doubt GFast is the game changer. Of course it’s not easy, but it gets easier. You’ll get what you put into the program and with Mario’s knowledge, support, and guidance it’s hard not to be inspired to be the best you, you can be.[/quoteBox]

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Before I heard about Mario’s program I was going to the gym five times per week but I was not seeing the results I wanted. I started to feel unmotivated, frustrated and I was giving up my fitness goals. Mario’s program gave me the push I needed to get back on track, after only 20 days I saw dramatic results in my appearance, I felt stronger and had more energy. I gained muscle mass, my body looked leaner and more toned. Through Mario’s coaching, I learned how to create a sustainable fitness program that works with my busy schedule, without crazy diets or spending hours at the gym. I’d highly recommend Mario because I believe his program would help anybody who wants to make better choices and have a healthier lifestyle.